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HHC Disposable Vape (1ml) - Wedding Cake (Indica)
  • HHC Disposable Vape (1ml) - Wedding Cake (Indica)
Brand: Chakra HHC
HHC Disposable Vape (1ml) - Wedding Cake (Indica) - is on back order and may take a couple of weeks to ship. Order now to reserve que.
These 1ml HHC Vape Cartridges from Chakra are the latest innovation of hemp derived products.  HHC is a unique and upcoming cannabinoid with lots of potential and will become a very popular option for those looking for a more affordable and equally pleasing experience.

Product Specifications

Chakra HHC Vape disposables use a pure HHC oil with no traces of Delta-8 or Delta-9.

These potent HHC Cartridges come in 7 unique terpene profiles.

What is HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)?

HHC is a cannabinoid that is naturally found in the seeds and pollen of hemp. HHC is not a THC, so while it may have similar effects – it is non-synthetic. Which makes it a perfectly federally legal hemp extraction. ​

What are the Effects of Hexahydrocannabinol?

HHC effects are very very similar to THC, but HHC does have differences. Some people claim it gives them the same euphoric feeling, pain-fighting, and anti nausea/vomiting effects that THC does. ​

Is hexahydrocannabinol Legal for Recreational purposes?

Yes, it is! Since HHC is not only a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp, it’s not a THC type like Delta-8. This means that HHC vapes, gummies, or edibles are perfectly legal on the federal level and will most likely remain legal on the state level as well.

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