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Hemp Hookahzz CBD Shatter - 1g
  • Hemp Hookahzz CBD Shatter - 1g
  • Hemp Hookahzz CBD Shatter - Labratory Certificate of Analysis
  • Hemp Hookahzz CBD Shatter - 1g
Brand: Hemp Hookahzz
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940mg of CBD per gram.

Each Hemp Hookahzz CBD shatter package includes 1g CBD Hemp Shatter and can be used with any standard concentrate vaporizer pen.

CBD dabbing, or vaping small amounts of super-concentrated CBD, is gaining popularity in the US and abroad. However, most CBD shatter available on the market today contain an average of 2mg to 50mg of CBD per 1ml/1g serving, plus synthetic additives and unnatural ingredients that are no less unhealthy than traditional tobacco smoke.

We never add any synthetic ingredients to our CBD shatter, or toxic chemicals that could compromise the health of our vapors, or the environment.