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Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD)
  • Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD)
  • Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD)
  • Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD)
  • Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD)
  • Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD)
Brand: Bhangers
Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower (21.8% CBD) - is on back order and may take a couple of weeks to ship. Order now to reserve que.

7 grams (1/4 oz) of premium hand trimmed CBD-rich HEMP flower. 

Legal to ship to all 50 States.

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, you’ll find a mild and euphoric boost in your energy levels and mood. And since it’s CBD Bud, you won’t have to worry about any intoxicating effects. Good vibrations and relaxed motivation? That sounds like a winning hand to us.

Casino Cookies CBD flower for sale. Casino Cookies CBD flower tests over 21% CBD and virtually no THC (<0.245%).  Casino Cookies CBD flower has a dank, earthy aroma with high levels of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Bisabolol and Humulene that is great for sleep and pain relief.

Product Information:
Type:  CBD Hemp Flower

Casino Cookies CBD Flower Strain Information:
Type:  Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage:  AF4 (hemp) x Wookies
Aroma:  Hops, cinnamon, chamomile
Feeling:  Relief

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
20.2% CBDA
1.6% CBD
Below <0.246 THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)
No detectable delta-9 THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)

3.41 mg per g Myrcene
2.44 mg per g Caryophyllene
0.92 mg per g Bisabolol
0.91 mg per g Humulene
0.41 mg per g Pinene

Safety Tests:
Pesticides - PASS
Microbials - PASS
Mycotoxins - PASS
Heavy Metals - PASS
Foreign Matter - PASS

Can CBD flower help me?
The simple answer is YES!  CBD flower has taken front and center stage as the part of cannabis that contains all the medicinal properties.  Whether you are a regular patient seeking more therapeutic effects or a first time user interested in trying a milder form of cannabis, CBD flower might be the right option for you.

What are the benefits of CBD flower?
CBD in general has received much praise for its wonderful healing potential.  If you prefer the act of smoking (cessation), CBD flower will be a great pairing.

Although all reports of CBD's effects are anecdotal, medical experts do agree that is has a wide range of benefits.  Our best advice is to give cbd flower a try, but start off slow if you are a beginner. 

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