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Special Sauce CBD Rich Hemp Flower
  • Special Sauce CBD Rich Hemp Flower
  • Special Sauce CBD Rich Hemp Flower
  • Special Sauce CBD Rich Hemp Flower
Brand: Hemp Hookahzz
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CBD rich hemp flower from the strain Special Sauce. Enjoy this smoke-able flower any way you like.

  • Special Sauce is a hybrid that was bred by crossing the strains “Special Sauce (Original)” and “Early Resin Berry”
  • Hoppy and sweet aromas with notes of berry
  • Federally Legal – Contains less than 0.3% THC

Special Sauce is a high cannabidiol (CBD) hemp strain that contains a very unique cannabinoid profile and smell. She works amazingly well as a sleep aid and/or for chronic pain. She is also highly sought after for her high resin content, making her ideal for extractions.

Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is a unique cannabidiol flower strain that, despite yielding medium to small-sized nugs, packs some serious heat. Its smaller stature loses nothing when it comes to potency, with a very diverse cannabinoid profile that includes decent amounts of CBCA, CBCVA, CBG, and CBGA along with the more common inhabitants like CBDA and THCA.

The dense and aromatic nugs give off a very distinct and special smell, hence the name. These trichrome-covered beauties may just be that extra glaze that you need to wind down your night.

Special Sauce (Original strain) x ERB

The nugs as mentioned are a bit smaller than others, but they more than make up for it with their terpene and cannabinoid profiles. They are certainly dense and frosty and have a nice spring to them when squeezed. There are the usual green, orange, and browns present throughout, but the occasional purple tinges make an appearance, too.

Special Sauce hemp has a very distinct smell, one that keeps us coming back for another whiff. It’s a mixture of berries and musk with sweet, vanilla-like undertones.

The taste can be summed up in one word: smooth. Some flower is harsh on the throat or lungs after being consumed, but not SS. She goes down easy and overall burns very well. The flavors are somewhat reminiscent of the smell she gives off: some sweetness followed by dark and woody flavors that end in a subtle floral note.

The reviews say it all: she is awesome for night-time as a sleep aid, great for pain, or simply to put a nice blanket of calm over your day. The diverse and high amount of cannabinoids present express themselves in a very unique buzz… everything about this flower is high-quality.

Due to the high resin content of Special Sauce, many consumers also use her for their very own extractions!

Cannabinoid Profile
CBC .034%
CBCA .74%
CBD .50%
CBDA 16.4%
CBDVA .120%
CBG .131%
CBGA .31%
D9-THC .129%
THCA .61%

Total Measured Cannabinoids 19%

Top 3 Terpenes
Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene

Terpene Profile
alpha-Bisabolol .093%
Caryophyllene Oxide .067%
beta-Caryophyllene .26%
beta-Farnesene .113%
Fenchol .036%
Fenchone .044%
Guaiol .036%
alpha-Humulene .117%
Limonene .025%
beta-Myrcene .46%
cis-beta-Ocimene .031%
trans-beta-Ocimene .0079%
Phytol 2 .028%
alpha-Pinene .146%
beta-Pinene .062%
sabinene hydrate .035%
alpha-Terpineol .0140%
Terpinolene .024%

Total Measured Terpenes 1.62%